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Course Description

Life is not about having it all – It is about knowing that together we have it all. We are better together.

Understanding your child and knowing how to create a home with routines and strategies that will ensure their overall development, to know techniques and solutions essential for being able to guide them to learn new skills and to meaningfully participate in their own life is the most precious investment for now and for the future to come.

When it comes to getting the best out of your child it is most parent’s heartfelt intention and dream.

To be able to do it yourself, helping your child while building a strong connection and enjoying the process is a special gift.

The gift that you can develop and give to yourself and your loved ones, making life a better place for all.

There has never been a better time than now to share this unique approach to motor disability while putting parents at the forefront. The world is changing, and the time has come for a more rounded and integrated way of helping families raising children with a neurologically based condition.

I am inviting you into the world within our world where you can find answers to help yourself, to find your own way while being yourself and following your heart.

What you will gain

My mission with this course is more than just to train highly effective and successful parents, but also carers and professionals to become not only more productive and effective in their endeavours in facilitating the health and wellbeing of people or their loved ones with neurologically based conditions–but also being able to help them to gain physical, functional, emotional and cognitive skills essential for feeling fulfilled, driven and inspired.

I aim to share with you concepts and their practical applications to become successful and resourceful in upbringing children with a neurological diagnosis. How best to care and live with children and adults having been diagnosed with a neurologically based condition.

Through all my courses, you will learn strategies and skills enabling you to successfully guide people with neurological impairments with a fundamental understanding of regarding them what they are, human beings, and not a diagnostic label or a diagnostic condition.

You will be shown how to convert intentions (hopes and desires) into actions. You will be introduced to a new way of thinking, planning, and problem-solving and how to create whole day routines, unified programmes (life curricula) to create a healthy and active way of life.

This involves the ability to learn through movement, learning about motor skills, balance, sensory and perceptual functions, emotional development, language, and cognitive functions.

A unified program, strategy, routine or solution means that the same element, which was learned, is reproduced even when the activity is different.

I aim to assist you in how to influence children and adults to ignite and achieve their functional spontaneity, to instil confidence in you to be able to help people to help themselves.


What you learn in this course will acquaint you with knowledge and answers that can transform the lives of children and adults, helping them move beyond pain and limitation. By accessing and utilising the underlying capacity and the amazing powers of the brain to change itself and the body to heal itself helps people discover how to acquire new skills, improve and refine existing skills, and dramatically enhance physical, cognitive, emotional, and creative performance.

I have created this 6-module course for you to share some very simple but powerful and practical ways charged with a mindset for solutions and with the aim to deepen your understanding of your child and strengthen your influence and willpower so you can make massive progress on your goals.


This unique course material evolved from my background as a graduate of the Pető  Institute and my 40 years of studies and work around the globe facilitating breakthrough outcomes and my endless studies as a forever curious questioner and answer seeker.

What I put in this course has been tested and implemented by families and professionals for over 40 years.

Welcome to the world where movements are born and where new realities manifest for children and families with a neurologically based diagnosis.

Course summary

Over the years parents were constantly looking for guidance that was practical, do-able and sustainable. They wanted to have access to a focused, specifically designed source of information that gets them where they wished to be and faster. They wished to do without feeling helpless and often overwhelmed by the pressure that comes from being a parent of a unique child with different needs.

The course provides you with ideas and actions that are interwoven in a lifestyle designed for you, by you with the intention of facilitating your child’s overall development, wellbeing, functional abilities and skills and encouraging the development of an active, self-directed, problem-solving personality.

A lifestyle where treasuring and honouring your child’s individuality is the norm and where adaptability and a problem-solving attitude is encouraged. Ultimately giving you skills to create a life for you and for your child with more joy, more balance, more connections and more results than you have ever believed was possible, despite having been given a neurological diagnosis.

By using this course, you will install new, more positive and innovative thoughts, messages, and strategies to your mind. You will learn a new way of looking at things, approaching and solving problems.

By putting these straight into actions ultimately assisting you in gaining a greater sense of hope, balance and wellbeing in your life.

If you know anyone who might find this course useful, please share it with them.

Course Modules & Key Concepts

Your attitude towards problems, difficulties and adversities is the most important factor in overcoming them

Whatever you have created so far is based on your focus and the precision of your actions

Photo: One of our boys is standing independently and watering a plant using both hands in gardening gloves. 

When he started his journey with us he was 18 months old and was diagnosed with hemiplegia. He couldn’t sit. He spent most of his time lying on his back, he could only bend one of his legs and used that leg to push himself backwards on the floor. It was the only way he could move around. 

He had a bald patch at the back of his head as he couldn’t lift his head up from the floor as he was scooting around on his back.

He didn’t give eye contact and didn’t use his eyes for learning.  

He lived in his own world with very little interaction with the world around him. He couldn’t close his mouth and therefore he was drooling all the time.

Work with me to learn about the method we helped him with to transform his own life.