Quantum Neuro Transformation Virtual Master Class I Parents


This Quantum Neuro Transformation (QNT) Virtual Master Class is to empower and guide parents and families on how to nurture their child with a neurologically based diagnosis to live a better quality and more enjoyable everyday life together.

  • Find New Energy
  • Take control
  • Take Inspired Actions
  • Tap Into Your Resourcefulness
  • Create your everyday life

This virtual class is designed for you if you are interested in innerstanding your child’s needs and curious about finding and implementing authentic and result orientated solutions for your everyday lives.

Families are often unknowingly kept in the dark with lower expectations and standards than their children are capable of achieving with limited possibilities of finding authentic solutions by the same system that was set up to help them.

Despite the fact that most parents told me over the years that the professionals involved with giving the diagnosis of their children just broke their hearts with their prognosis, most parents still follow their advice.

Think about this.

When someone tells you that your ‘case’ is hopeless and then they advise you to try this and that with all the side effects listed in the small print and when you try them, they don’t work, and you still go back for more.


Because most parents believe that what they are provided with are the be-all and the end-all.

They don’t know better, and they are scared to move away from it as this is what other families in similar situations would do, would use and accept. They are scared if they don’t follow that path they are missing out or even harming their children, so they do a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

They also believe that it is the job of the therapists and the specialists to deal with their children and not knowingly they are missing out on having a great time while helping their children to create lasting results and grow together.

Beyond the above, we all are individuals with our unique make-up, nobody is the same and no damage to the nervous system is the same.

Everyone has a unique path of their own to explore, concur, enjoy, and fulfil.

The possibilities they can tap into and the options they are given are reduced to such an extent that in my vocabulary those possibilities and options are misguided and often cruel.

They could all have such a different life with more joy and more dignity.

If you are a parent of a child, especially under the age of 3 and would like to innerstand and overstand how to help your child, or if you are a professional working with children with neurologically based conditions join me for a group Zoom session on Friday 17th June 2022 at 11.00 am.

2-Hour Virtual Class Fee: £15
After you have enrolled the Zoom link will be sent out to you via e-mail.

Looking forward to meeting you on the day!


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