Quantum Neuro Transformation Virtual Master Class I Parents & Professionalss


This Quantum Neuro Transformation®(QNT)

Virtual Master Class is designed to empower parents and families and help them how to guide and nurture their child with a neurologically based diagnostic label to live a better quality and more enjoyable everyday life together.

  • Learn about Quantum Neuro Transformation
  • Find New Energy
  • Take control
  • Take Inspired Actions
  • Tap Into Your Resourcefulness
  • Create your everyday life which serves you
Join me for this insightful class that provides you with tools, strategies and practical solutions on how to help your child to help themselves.

If you are curious about finding and implementing authentic and result-orientated solutions this webinar is for you.

Virtual class content:

  •  innerstanding your child’s needs
  • how parental energy affects children
  • how children reflect and  play out parental patterns
  • the influence of the whole family on the child’s developmental progress and wellbeing
  •  children’s energetic templates and patterns
  • practical solutions and their applications as a way of life

For professionals working with families this course will be providing you with the following:

  • a deeper insight into how best to help families help themselves and to help their children.

If you are a parent and would like to explore ideas, strategies and solutions that lead you and your child to more options or if you are a professional working with families join me for a group Zoom session on Thursday 8th December 2022 at 11.00 am London UK.

1 1/2-Hour Virtual Class Fee: £25
Once you have enrolled, a direct Zoom link will be emailed to you.

Looking forward to meeting you on the day.


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