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Judit Szathmary

     Shares new ways of viewing disability and human potential with everyone


Assisting you how to influence children and adults to ignite and achieve their functional spontaneity, to install confidence in you to be able to help people to help themselves.
Judit’s course materials evolved from her background as a graduate of the Pető Institute. From her over 40 years of endless studies and work around the globe, facilitating breakthrough outcomes as a forever curious questioner and answer seeker.
This knowledge has been condensed into these courses which are now available online.

The content of the Courses were tested and implemented by families for over 40 years

They include numerous different strategies, procedures, movement lessons, and a profoundly rich humane experience.

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Quantum Neuro Transformation® Practitioner Course

This online course was created to train highly effective and successful practitioners to become even more productive in guiding children, adults and their families on how to help themselves to live a life with better health and well-being.
Identify and establish key patterns that enhance their physical, functional, emotional and cognitive skills essential for feeling joyful, fulfilled, driven and inspired.

The Art of Upbringing

Bespoke Theoretical & Practical Course

Create your ultimate vision and put it into practice for your unique, individual circumstances, aspirations and needs.

Supercharge your learning and your actions with one to one work with me.
Live interactive workshop.

Just you, me and your child or a child under your care.


Relax, recharge
& find your equilibrium.
Create memorable moments

Revitalise and Nurture Your Body & Mind.

Free your body of unwanted toxins while gaining more clarity about how to transform your life to be able to better support your child. This is a Time for You.

Discover the healing power of nutrient-rich vegetable and fruit juices, essential oils and raw foods.

Develop a new level of focus, alertness and vitality.

Children and families in action

With every experience your child begins to write their future.


Prepare to Win

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Trusted by Thousands of Professionals, Families and Health Seekers Worldwide Since 1984

Happy Parents

Rachel Adams

Oh my goodness, what a revelation! So, so powerful. I have been following the guidance and routines from the Art of Upbringing course. I am a paediatric nurse and when we started with Judit our daughter was 12months old. She was diagnosed with quadriplegia.

Rachel Adams

Marie Fraser

The stars aligned and the angels were looking down on me the day I found Judit. Six months earlier, I had been coldly and matter of factly told, the day before his first birthday, that my baby had cerebral palsy.  Yes, it was the worst day of my life.  The medics gave me absolutely no hope whatsoever and the grief for the child I thought I had and the fear of what the future held was indescribable. One of the things that stuck in my mind, in the early days, was that family and friends are grieving with you and are unable to give you, the parent, the person who most needs it, any form of hope or support. Cerebral Palsy was something I had absolutely no knowledge or experience of, nor had I any idea of what to expect. Meeting Judit brought everything to a much more positive and calmer level.  The dedication from Judit is second to none, her total belief in your child is infectious, her ability and expertise to work with your child and facilitate transformative positives change is, quite frankly, beyond words. Personally, when my son was diagnosed, I had never felt so afraid, alone and incompetent as a parent and human being.  Judit and her approach to neuro rehabilitation put their caring and expert arms around us and gave me hope and the support that I needed.  My son worked with Judit for many years.  He is now a happy and funny 23-year-old young man.  I do not believe he would be walking now without her help and support. I hope you are as lucky as we were to find Judit and benefit from her teachings.          Marie Fraser

Ellie M

3 weeks into the ‘Art of Upbringing Bespoke course’, following and practicing Judit’s guidance on how to teach my 16 months old baby he held his balance in sitting for a long time and when he slightly lost his balance he put his hands down to help himself back up. He stayed on his hands and knees on his own  for a few seconds. Not forgetting taking his socks off!! He is now happy to play in standing at his little table, which he could not do before. Ellie M