About Judit

A life dedicated in helping individuals, families and professionals

how to best care for, how to teach and facilitate life transforming strategies and solutions for children and adults with a neurologically based conditions


  • Believes that your perception of this reality is uniquely your own.
  • Knows and teaches that there is life beyond a neurological diagnosis -A life of the best quality possible which means moving beyond the diagnosis into greater independence, health, wellness and fulfilment.
  • Inspires growth, transformation and she is not afraid of moving beyond limiting boundaries and helping you to do the same.
  • Is the force to upend people’s expectation in neurorehabilitation.
  • Has combined her theoretical and practical knowledge of Conductive Education, her training in energy healing, coaching, understanding from reading countless books on different concepts and philosophies about human transformation. All combined to establish a practice that is unique to any other.
  • Believes that laughter is the best healer, and it is a fundamental pillar of her work.
  • Shares inspirational stories which make her method of teaching unique.
Helping You and your family Stay well

Genuine achievements require a transformation in character

The materials you will find in our courses differ fundamentally from traditional practices.  The person’s whole way of life, attitude to life and the functioning of their whole body are addressed during systematically structured work, relevant to age and abilities while the individual is motivated into action. 

The results speak for themselves

You cannot change your life today, but you can change the direction you take. Step by step moving towards a life with more options and choices, while owning the power to create it.


Judit's inspiration comes from her studies at the Pető Institute where she began her studies in 1980. From the belief that was ingrained in her there, from endless searching and studying throughout her life, from her observations, values, passion, and her experience of working with families for 40 years.
These courses, events and materials were created to keep those beliefs alive.
The evidence is inevitable and speaks for itself when parents know how to create a lifestyle that supports the long-term needs of their children success follows.
The theoretical and practical applications of these courses are designed for people who are seeking answers with a higher purpose, deeper meaning and more options for their children or the person they care about.

Happy Faces of Happy Students