Quantum Neuro Transformation® Virtual Master Class Practitioner Training

Quantum Neuro Transformation®
Practitioner Master Class

Authentic Human Performance Solutions

Level: Introduction

Join me for this insightful class that provides you with tools, strategies and practical solutions on how to positively influence your client's transformation, with faster results.

Quantum Neuro Transformation®(QNT)

Virtual class content:

  • Learn about Quantum Neuro Transformation
  • Energy, Intentions,  Beliefs      
  • ‘In every culture and in every medical tradition before us healing was accomplished by moving energy’ Albert Szentgyorgyi
  • Heart coherence 
  • How the Quality of life equals the Quality of  Communication
  • Managing state
  • Code of honour
  • Authenticity
  • Words
  • How to take control  Relanguaging – Rethinking – Resetting – Rearranging –
  • How do established Patterns play themselves out eventually without any conscious effort?
  • The power of Inspired Actions
  • Tapping Into Your Resourcefulness

Join me for a  Zoom session on Thursday 23rd and 30th March 2023 at 11.00 am London UK.

1 1/2-Hour Virtual Class Introductory Fee: £75 

This fee includes an introductory manual and this fee can also be deducted from when enrolling on the Quantum Neuro Transformation®(QNT) Practitioner course.

The first  enroller to this course will receive a Quantum Neuro Transformation® A4 size and 160 page lined notebook, priced at £22.


After you enrolled a direct Zoom link will be sent to you via e-mail.

Looking forward to meeting you on the day.