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Quantum Neuro Transformation®  (QNT) is to empower and guide parents and families on how to nurture their child with a neurologically based diagnostic label to live a better quality and more enjoyable everyday life together.

  • Find New Energy
  • Take control
  • Take Inspired Actions
  • Tap Into Your Resourcefulness
  • Create your everyday life



This group is for you if you are curious about finding out and implementing authentic and result-orientated solutions for you and for your child, and if you have the willingness to do the inner work and the actions required to achieve what you want in your everyday life.

Join our group if you are interested in innerstanding and overstanding the values, strategies and patterns of how-to nurture and guide your child with a neurologically based diagnosis.

Families are capable of achieving limitless possibilities of authentic solutions while having a great time helping their children to help themselves.

Everyone has a unique journey leading to a path of their own to explore, conquer, enjoy, and fulfil.

The possibilities you can tap into are endless leading you and your child to have a life with more joy more options and connection.

This is an interactive group that requires your participation to get the best out of the group. You must be willing and open to challenge your own perceptions, and beliefs and bring yourself to a higher level of honesty, transparency and integrity.

Requirements to join the group are as follows:

  • A Facebook page with your real name and picture is required.
  • A monthly self-investment of £30 is to be paid by the 2nd of each calendar month. It is your responsibility to make this payment manually. We admit new members at the end of each calendar month.
  • The content expressed and shared in the group must remain in the group due to its often personal and sensitive nature.
  • The content of the group including videos, documents, files and photos is not to be shared outside the group.

If you would like to be part of this group, please register by clicking on the basket which will take you to the payment page.

Once your registration is complete you will be sent a direct link to access the private group.

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